Fullon Hotel Taoyuan Airport Access MRT A8-VIP Room

Fullon Hotel Taoyuan Airport Access MRT A8
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VIP Room

Restaurant Features:

Located on the third floor of the hotel with 10 available tables and 6 multi-function VIP boxes. Whether you are organizing a private event or a business meal, this customizable site will be perfect for all your needs.

Hours and Prices:
  • Lunch:11:30~14:00
  • Dinner:17:30~21:00
  • Banquet with 10-person Table:Minimum NT$10,000+10%
  • A 10% service charge is added to the prices listed above.
  • Service charge definition: The 10% is a fixed amount in all our chain restaurants.
  • Actual contents as listed on-site and will not be otherwise notified.
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