Fullon Hotel Taoyuan Airport Access MRT A8-Fitness Center

Fullon Hotel Taoyuan Airport Access MRT A8

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Fitness Center


Only adults 16 years of age or above may use this facility. Clothing and shoes fit for sports must be worn.
The exercise area is located on the sixth floor of the hotel with a 360° panoramic view, allowing you to take in the beautiful scenery as you exercise. The gym has a well-equipped stock of bodybuilding equipment, including a cardiopulmonary area, a weight training area and a stretching area. All guests are welcome; however, group booking guests will need to pay additional fees according to the rates listed outside the gym and the sauna.

  • Onlookers should not enter the exercise area, in case disturbing exercising guests.
  • Please warm up before exercising and follow the trainer’s instructions during exercise.
  • Please place the equipment back to their original places after using them.
  • No food allowed.
  • Guests who have just finished dining or drinking are not allowed to enter.
  • Please be mindful when using the equipment and pay special attention to instructions.

The hotel is equipped with free male, female saunas and a gym, providing you with a location for relaxation and leisure during your business trips or travels. Due to maintenance and seasonal reasons, the hotel reserves the right of opening and closing the facilities. (group reservation guests are not included due to discount bookings. Please contact the sales department should these facilities be needed).

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